Friday, September 27, 2019

The Easiest to Grow Indoor Plants

I was once a plant killer. My home was the place that cacti came to die. And those suckers naturally grow in some of the harshest conditions across the world.

I don't know if it's because I turned 25 this year, but all of a sudden out of nowhere my brain is screaming for something to love and care for, and cry a lot less then a baby.

Over the course of the last 12 months I've accumulated over 15 plants, and by some miracle I've kept them all alive and more importantly HEALTHY (except my calathea white fusion, but that will be another post)

Here i thought I'd quickly share what I have found to be the most resilient plants - tolerant of Melbourne's constantly changing climate - and some tips on how to keep them happy!

1. Pothos (Devils Ivy) - When I got this little guy the vines measured around 15cm. now they trail the length of my buffet and it seems like a new leaf is popping out every other day. These are great because they root quickly and can be easily propagated. This means that its easy to achieve a fuller looking plant with more roots. The fantastic thing is, that if you have a large pot, and loop the vines over themselves, nodes which are in contact with the soil may root of their own accord, negating the need for trimming to propagate. Also mine has done really well with minimal watering!

2. Homolomena Maggie - Another hardy plant, I've found this one is great for those who have a tendency to over / under water as it gives very clear visual queues. Whenever they get thirsty the leaves dramatically wilt, which when you see if for the first time is actually quite scary! But with a quick water they bounce back within a matter of hours and look good as ever. If you tend to over water like me, just wait until the wilting begins and then give it a thorough soaking.

3. Peace Lily -  I actually have two of these in my home a smaller variations (sweet chico) sits on my bedside table, and is perfect there because they are quite tolerant of low light.While it hasn't grown a whole lot, it also hasn't shown an signs of suffering from the lack of light which to me is a big win! I also have a larger variation (Peace Lily Sensation) in my living room, and honestly my favorite thing about it is how striking the plant looks. The leaves are large and lush looking, and you can keep them shiny with a spray of neem oil every so often. These also tend to dramatically wilt to indicate a need for water.

4. Spider Plants - There have a kind of erratic visual that set's them apart from the rest of my plants. Leaves that point in all directions create a full look which almost looks like hair (perfect for head/torso planters!), and their flowers are little bouncy looking strings with clusters of leaves on the end. Mine has yet to flower but I honestly can't wait.

And that's it for my easiest plants, fit for even the blackest of thumbs. Let me know if you'd be interested in hearing about some of my more needy growers.

J x

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