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Top 5 tips for saving money in New York!

New York City is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason! It's chaotic, eclectic and entirely unique, not to mention filled with iconic locations from some of your favourite movies and television shows. Because of its popularity New York is also one of the most expensive places to visit, so following my recent trip to the Big Apple I've put together my top 5 money saving tips to help you out! 

Prepare for the day
Whether you're planning on wondering the streets by yourself or are heading out to see a specific attraction, there are a few things that you're always going to find yourself wanting during the day.
Pre-purchase a bottle of water and a few snacks you can eat on the go at a supermarket prior to heading out, and you'll be surprised how much this will save you. 
At popular tourist spots a bottle of water will cost you $5+ which is a 150% mark up on the usual $2. Similarly meals are often double usual price, so bringing a snack means you can keep hunger at bay until you're back in the regular parts of the city, plus you save time by not having to stop to eat! 

You're in New York, you want a Yankees baseball cap, or a cheesy tshirt, or a bunch of mugs to take home for friends and family. There's no shame in wanting a few cheesy momentos, but the cost of these can add up really quickly. Avoided buying in places like Times Square, instead look for street vendors in outer suburbs, or head to china town (enjoy some amazing food while you're there!) where you can find a larger range of items for a significantly lower price. Additionally you can barter for better prices, or deals on multiple items.

Top of the Rock, NYC

Traffic in the central areas of the city is INSANE, and the one way streets often make it very difficult to take a direct route to your destination. I strongly advocate walking around the city, it's great exercise and allows you to really learn your way around the city while taking everything in. If you're going longer distances grab yourself a metro card and catch a bus or even the subway, they're easy to navigate and there's plenty of people able to direct you to which particular route you need to take.  
If you're entirely opposed to public transport uber is also a cheaper option to cabs, download the app, and if you use the code jessicar16763ue your first ride is free! 

Consider booking with a bus tour, these operate on a hop on hop off system, wherein the bus runs a loop between a series of attractions and you can get off at whichever ones you'd like. You can buy passes for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, and this often includes passes into some of the attractions. I used take tours and we got a Statue of Liberty boat ride, entry to the natural history museum, comedy show tickets, plus discounts at several restaurants included with our two day pass for $44 - not bad, especially because this covers the cost of transportation as well! 

Broadway tickets
One of the best tips I learned came from a particularly helpful usher at the Amsterdam theatre. Most theatres have seats on either end of the first 5 rows which have a small blind spot, essentially you can't see the far rear corner on the side of the stage to which you're seated. Because of this these tickets, in the front 5 rows of orchestra are cheaper then the furthest corner on the very top row of the balcony, a million miles away from the stage. And here's a little secret - nothing EVER happens in that corner, the most basic principal of theatre is that all the important scenes are executed centre front, so everyone can see regardless of where they're sitting. You might not be able to see dancer number 5 do their thing during the chorus scenes, but it doesn't affect the story line in anyway, and the tickets are a 1/4 of the price of the people 3 seats down from you. 

Have you been to NY? Where were your places to go? I can't wait to go back someday! J x 

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  1. I used to go into Manhattan (NYC) a lot, but in about 20 years even though I live only less than a three hour drive away from it. I used to love eating at different restaurants there - there is such a variety in cuisine. I liked the Indian, French, Italian and Greek restaurants. And I used to drink. Too much. That was expensive. Also the clothes shopping was fabulous. There used to be more big department stores there, but I think the in-store clothes shopping is probably still excellent. And the makeup.
    Good for you getting out to the theatre there! It sounds like you had fun!


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