Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY Wall Decor

When I first filmed my room tour I made the disclaimer that it would probably be rendered outdated very quickly; I love to redecorate and reorganise and I tire of things easily, meaning that month to month my room setup can change drastically. 

That being said I definitely don't have a massive budget (or really any budget) for regular redecorating,  which means that sometimes I have to get creative. My room is fairly minimal, white walls, white curtains and the only furniture is my bed and my desk, so the best way to change things up is to switch out my wall decor. 

For my second #RSSAU challenge I put together a couple of new decor pieces using some cool things I took from this month's collective magazine; as someone who rarely re-reads their magazines I'm glad I was able to repurpose some of the cool quotes and art pieces which really spoke to me. 

I think my favourite item I came up with was the hexagonal wall shelves, which are made from popsicle sticks stuck together in alternating layers - meaning they cost around $1.50 per shelf to make BARGAIN! 

Check out what else I came up with in the video down below and leave me a comment telling me which item you think would look amazing in your space! J x 


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