Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wardrobe Staples - The Basic Tee

You guys know when it comes to fashion I definitely exist on a spectrum. Sometimes I'm all about the 6 inch stiletto and hand beaded skirt, but the majority of the time I'm a lot more low key. I like to be comfortable and I like pieces which offer me versatility. Nothing fits this classification better then the basic tee. 

Now you may think that t-shirts are much of a muchness - but let me tell you that couldn't be more wrong. Even excluding the fact that they come in every colour under the sun, there is still so much variety on the market that it can sometimes take a while to find your perfect tee. 

The shape and neckline can both impact how you'll style your shirt, my personal preference is for a tapered boxy fit with a v-neck. I look for natural fibres as these tend to be the most breathable and often wash the best.

Bonds is a brand I've always worn, I own at least 10 of their t-shirts, so when it was announced that they were working with #RSSAU I was over the moon to say the least. For my first challenge I took my favourite white @bondsaus tee and styled it 5 different ways which you can check out in my latest OOTW!

If you want to shop my style you can purchase bonds on their website
as well as in their stand alone stores and a variety of retailers. 

Have a look and let me know in a comment which outfit was your fave! x J

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