Sunday, March 27, 2016

DIY Space Patch Shorts!

Jacket from
If you've seen any of my recent instagram photos you'll have realised that I'm currently going through a phase.. although phase doesn't even do it justice. I'm OBSESSED with iron on patches at the moment. It all started when I got a jacket from she in with a large patch on the back. From there I suddenly found myself trawling eBay for cool vintage/wholesale patches & before I knew it I had ordered some space themed ones.

all patched purchased on eBay

I decided I wanted to try something a little different from the usual patched-up denim jacket, and had a pair of jeans from an op shop that were ready for a little sprucing up. I cut them into shorts and then got stuck (get it?) into attaching the patches.

all the materials and tools required
The process itself literally could not be simpler - place patched onto desired garment and iron over top to secure them into place. I also added a few stitched around the border just to make sure that they were extra secure.

And that't it! I'm thinking I want to put the NASA patch on a t-shirt but I'm not sure - let me know what you think.  J x

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