Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trentham Falls

After seeing  post online recently about the top 10 waterfalls to see in Victoria; my best friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to visit them and decide on the best of the best. 

Yesterday we headed up to Trentham Falls, which is one of the longest single drop waterfalls in the state (over 32 mts high!) The falls themselves can be divided into the upper and lower sectors, the upper being a series of springs which feed into the basalt columns and into the pool below.  The upper pools also feature a 'mini waterfall' which is a ledge of sorts which  can be accessed via a few rock steps, however this area is covered by moss and can be extremely slippery!

The lower sector encompasses the falls themselves, which feed into a pool below. The pool is a few mts deep and the water is fresh enough to swim in. Theres also a cave to the left which sits behind the flow of water. 

Best visited on a warm day following rainfall, as the falls have a tendency to dry up which somewhat ruins the majesty of the view. There is also a creek which runs along for several kms which is fantastic for exploring, with lots of rocks and greenery along the way.
With summer just around the corner expect lots more adventure posts soon! J x 

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